The manufacturer will also service the turbines – which will be installed at hub heights of 105 metres – under a two-year agreement, which has an option to be extended by three years, and then a further five years.

It was asked not to disclose the project name or location, or the customer, Nordex stated.

However, Colombia held an auction in 2019, in which the country’s ministry of mines and energy (MME) awarded power contracts for 1.3GW of wind and solar PV projects with a weighted average price of 95,600/MWh ($28.09.MWh).

Of the eight successful projects, there were five wind farms due to be built by seven developers and then to provide electricity to 22 utilities.

All of these wind farms will be built in the northern department of La Guajira, with project capacities ranging from 80MW to 280MW.

If Nordex supplied turbines at 4MW, its order would be for 164MW. If it supplied turbines at 4.5MW, the combined capacity would be 184.5MW. The only project successful in the Colombian tender within this range is Jemeiwaa Kai’s 180MW Casa Eléctrica project in La Guajira.

Nordex was an early mover in Colombia, supplying N60/1300 turbines to the country’s first – and, to date, only – operational wind farm: Empresas Públicas de Medellín’s 19.5MW Jepírachi Jepírachi (19.5MW) OnshoreLa Guajira, La Guajira, Colombia, Central & South America Click to see full details project. It has factories in Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico

The country aims to boost its non-hydro renewable energy fleet from 50MW today to more than 2.2GW today by 2022.

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