The two companies — bidding together as the Crosswind consortium — have already taken the final investment decision for the project, which is due online in 2023.

Hollandse Kust Noord will feature 69 Siemens Gamesa turbines with power ratings of 11MW and rotor diameters of 200 metres.

It will supply at least 3.3TWh per year, the developers added.

The project will also incorporate demonstrations of new technologies to balance the grid: a floating solar array, battery storage, “turbines that are optimally matched to each other to limit the mutual negative wind shadow effects” and green hydrogen.

Shell and Eneco explained that these measures should guarantee a continuous power supply, regardless of the wind resource.

The joint venture added that they want to work together with universities and scientific institutions to further develop technological innovations. The developers plan to share lessons learned in developing the project with a wider audience, including in academia, the consortium stated.

More to follow.

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